One of the world’s first automotive products companies, WABCO supplies braking and other control systems to the commercial vehicle industry, its after markets and selected light vehicle segments. Across the globe, the world’s leading manufacturers choose WABCO systems and components to make their trucks, trailers, buses, high-performance cars and SUVs perform better, with greater safety, comfort and reliability.

Wabco is the market leader in many sectors of pneumatic and electronic braking systems for commercial vehicles, with some 6000 people employed in Germany and all over the world pursuing R&D, production and stringent material testing and quality control departments. Wabco is committed to the environmental safety of its products and production methods. New developments, such as Anti-Skid Braking Systems (ABS) and Drive-Slip Control (ASR) for commercial vehicles, have recommended Wabco as the competent partner for the future.

Product Catalog

The Compressed Air Braking System for Trucks and Trailers
The compressed air delivered by the compressor (2) reaches the air dryer (3) where any water vapour is extracted from the air and emitted to atmosphere through the dryer’s vent.

APU – Air Processing Unit

The multi-functional APU (Air Processing Unit) combines several individual units. It includes an air dryer with or without a heater, a safety valve and a tyre inflation connector.

Single and Twin Cylinder Compressors

The latest generation of WABCO Compressors shows a combination of new technologies like PR (Power Reduction), TR (Temperature Reduction) and Safety Valve with proven design features like Monoblock Crankcase and fully hardened Steel Crankshaft.

Miniature Load-Sensing Valve with Relay Valve for Towing Vehicles

WABCO has developed a new generation of mechanical and pneumatic load-sensing valves with an integrated relay valve and connection to ABS to meet the requirements for modern commercial vehicles.


To automatically control the operating pressure in an air braking system and to protect its pipes and valves from contamination. Depending on the variant used, it also serves to control a downstream antifreeze pump or single chamber air dryer.


The silencer is used in the cases which damp the venting noise to lower values than required by law.

Foot Brake Valve

Sensitive increase and decrease in the pressure of the twin-circuit service braking system of a motor vehicle. Some variants from the 461 315 … 0 series have an integrated noise muffler to reduce the space required for installing the valve. Operation: When the plunger in the spring plate (a) is actuated, piston (c) moves downward, closing outlet (d) and opening inlet (j).


To connect the compressed air braking system of the motor vehicle to that of the trailer. Operation: When attaching the trailer, handle (b) is pushed downwards; this causes protective caps (a) and (d) to open.


Direct Quick Connection Fitting System