Manufacturers of radiators, engine coolers, AC condensers etc. for European passenger cars and trucks. Behr GmbH & Co KG specializes in environmentally compatible vehicle airconditionaing and engine cooling. Throughout the world Behr is one of the leading original equipment manufacturers for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and special vehicles (including aircrafts, ships and rail vehicles). Behr work force in 2001 numbered 13800 worldwide.

As a systems supplier for environment-friendly vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling, Behr rank among the leading original equipment suppliers in the passenger and utility vehicle sector and are number one in Europe. Behr technology ensures enhanced safety and driving comfort in around 30% of the vehicles fitted with air conditioning in Europe. Also in the field of thermomanagement for modern engines, the name Behr is well established. Every fourth new vehicle in Europe is meanwhile equipped with a Behr cooling system

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